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Volunteers are so valuable for the Montreal community. They give their time, effort and energy to help those in need!Their actions make such an immense impact on the homeless population. We thank each and one of our volunteers, whether that would be a volunteer/driver, cook and donaters as well!

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"I had such an amazing experience with Welfare Avenue! In fact, it is such an outstanding opportunity to spread generosity and happiness towards the ones in need. I can safely say that I’m extremely proud to be part of this organization, and to be able to support others in such unprecedented times. I certainly had the best volunteering experience with Welfare Avenue, and I would totally recommend it!"


Jabery, Ammar

Vice President of VCSA


Batoul-Sadouk, Maryam

"I am happy I contributed to this experience!" 


Martinez, Alejandra

"Being part of the Welfare Avenue’s project gives me a sense of accomplishment. I have learned how important is for those in need to be seen, to be acknowledged and to feel that we all are part of the same community."

"This pandemic has been really hard on my mental health as we were all stuck at home without a choice. Having nothing to do gave me a sensation that I was not doing sometime useful to do with my life. Volunteering for Welfare Avenue gave me my spirit back as I could finally do something to help during these uncertain times. You would be surprise as how little of an act such as serving plates or cooking can be so helpful for those in need in our community! I am so grateful that I discovered this organization that gave me more determination to help my community. I will certainly not stop doing this. I have met so many people from a multicultural background that inspired me to work harder to fight poverty for our homeless population in Montreal!"

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