Sportira Event

On March 20th, 2021, Welfare Avenue partnered with Sportira Apparel to organize a massive event at Place Emilie-Gamelin near the Berri-UQAM station.

With the help of countless volunteers, cooks and other partners, we were able to feed and put a smile on the face of hundreds of our unhoused neighbours. During the event, we fed the people with pasta, rice, hotdogs, and thanks to a generous donation from St-Viateur Bagel; we were able to give out 300 hundred freshly made bagels.

What truly made this event special was the collaboration between so many different people and organizations that gave their precious time to make this possible. Not only were we able to feed hundreds of people, but we provided them with nutritious food, clothes, and sanitary items they so desperately needed. Also, we were able to have some very nice conversations with many of the homeless population, which were very much enjoyed.

The latter is the favourite part of our volunteers; talking with the homeless brings joy to both them and us. Most of the homeless do not interact with people who are not homeless, which can be very depressing. Due to the pandemic, social interactions have become less common; therefore, it is very pleasing to meet, speak and make jokes with new people. Something that ceases to shock many first-time volunteers is how full of life the homeless are considering their situation. But this problem isn't new for the homeless population, who are regularly ignored on the street, but because of the pandemic, this problem has only worsened.

Want to help?

In the future, we will be hosting other events and maybe even bigger ones. We need many volunteers, cooks, and anyone willing to offer their time to help out to host these events. Are you a filmmaker? a photographer? Blogger? Cook? Driver? Apply to become a volunteer here.

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