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Cook Volunteer

What food items are accepted?

All food items are accepted !

What type of food should I cook?

You can cook any type of food. Common distributed foods are pasta, sandwiches, chilli and rice.

How many people am I cooking for?

Around 30-40 people.

What time should the food be ready for pick-up/drop-off?

The food should be prepared by 11 am. The volunteer will arrive anytime from 11am to 12pm.

What happens if I am behind schedule?

If you are running behind schedule, please send a text to Lailaah at 438-869-6334 and inform her about the approximate time delay.

Can you pick up the food from our houses?

Depends on where you live ! If you are situated in the following areas, we will come pick up the food: - Park Extension - Villeray - Mile End - Vieux Rosemont - Westmount - Saint Henri - Cote Des Neiges - Downtown Montreal - Gay Village - Ahuntsic - Plateau - Outremont - Town of Mont Royal (TMR) If not, you will have to drop off the food at 8200 Bloomfield, Montreal at 10:30 AM.


What time should I be ready to help?

You should be ready for 10:30 am.

What happens if I am behind schedule?

If that happens, please send a message to one of our staff members, Lailaah, at 438-869-6334

Where do I get picked up?

You will get picked up at 8200 Bloomfield by the volunteer driver. You will have to be at this address.

Do I have to go with the driver? Or can I meet directly at the distribution site?

No you do not, It is entirely your choice if you would prefer to meet at the distribution site. Please send a message to one of our staff members, Lailaah, at 438-869-6334 in advance (minimum 2 days ) so arrangements can be made.

How long will it take to distribute all the food?

Approximately, 3 ½ hours

What happens if I have to leave early?

If you have to leave early, let the driver know so they can find a spot to drop you off downtown.

Are there safety measures put in place?

Yes, the safety measures that are put in place are, everyone in the vehicle has to wear a mask. When distributing food, a safety distance of 6 meters must be placed in order for everyone to remain safe.

Driver Volunteer

Where do I pick up volunteers?

You will pick up the volunteers at 8200 Bloomfield, Montreal.

What time should I be at the designated location?

12:00 pm at given address

How many people will be driving with me?

The amount of people varies depending on the week. A maximum number of 3 people not including yourself.

Am I allowed to have volunteers in my car?

Yes you are, we provide every volunteer with an attestation letter that permits 4 people in a car. We will also be providing you with masks and gloves.

How long will I be driving for?

Approximately 4 hours. Keep in mind that throughout the day you will not be driving consecutively because you will be making several stops to help give out food.

What happens if I am behind schedule?

That is okay, there are no penalties for taking long!

Do I have to stay until all the food is distributed?

Yes, you will have to stay until all food is distributed considering you will have the passengers in your car and will have to return the left over clothes (if there are) to 8200 Bloomfield.

What happens if I have to leave early?

Unfortunately, you are only able to complete the day if all the hot meals are distributed.


Will I receive a receipt for donation?

Unfortunately we can not issue receipts like charities. Although, we will send you a thank you letter to confirm your donation.

What is the best way to donate?

The best way to donate money is through an e-transfer to Send us a DM or message on our website letting us know the password :)

How do you I donate clothes?

Click "Get Involved" in the menu. Scroll down and hit Donate Clothes/Food. Choose a time you'd like to drop it off. Drop address: 8200 Bloomfield

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